Short story, ‘Broken Palace’, is released today (77p/$0.99)

The first short story I’ve attempted, ‘Broken Palace’, is released today on Kindle (UK and US and other territories).KINDLE FINAL COVER - BROKEN PALACE

It also has excerpts from, ‘For All Our Sins’, and ‘The Principle of Evil’ – The first books in the DCI Claire Winters series.

Broken Palace’ also features a cameo appearance from DCI Winters in her early years.

You don’t need a Kindle to read it on either. You can download the Kindle app for the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices via Amazon.

I designed the cover, and using my hand in a ‘murder victim’ pose is still a little strange for me to look at . . . *shudder*

About the story:

Everyone has a secret.

Sometimes the secret is innocent enough, sometimes it’s questionable. Then there are secrets that a far more sinister.

Some choose to save a loved one from any further pain. Some make the wrong choice for their own selfish reasons. Some find a ‘Broken Palace’ to hide a dark deed.

The mystery surrounding Earl Mason’s death looks likely to become another cold case for Detective Inspector Davis, but a new face is emerging in Haverbridge CID and he can be sure of one thing – once she’s on the hunt, she won’t stop.

For Jennifer, who reluctantly finds herself in the limelight, it means she must decide who she can trust.