“FREE FRIDAYS” – FREE eBook promotion




As the big summer holiday period is creeping closer, and since we all love a freebie, I will be launching ‘Free Fridays’.

Essentially, my short story, ‘Broken Palace’, will be free to download on certain Fridays in July and August.

For those of you who are looking for a short read while you’re away, this is ideal…and even if you’re not lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere nice, why not download it anyway and beat the summer blues?

‘Broken Palace’ will be free on the following Fridays:

– 18th and 25th July.

–  8th, 15th and 22nd August.

I’ll be spending the summer (hopefully) really getting stuck in to book three.

For me, this summer holiday will be a big deal, because my daughter will be finished in nursery and off to Reception class in September – officially meaning she’ll be at school full-time! Where did those four years go?! Why is that when you were a kid, your childhood seemed endless? As soon as you become a parent, those years seem to fly by.

Have blast this summer, whatever you’re doing. And for those staying in the UK, lets hope it’s not a washout!