WIP – IN THE BLOOD  – STANDALONE NOVEL – Separate from the DCI Claire Winters series.

Publishing date: March/April 2018 by HQ.



‘People write books on it – the reasons why people kill. Reality is, they’ve only just scratched the surface. They don’t know about me . . . it’s a primal instinct.

And that’s what makes me so dangerous.’



He has killed again. He shows no sign of stopping. He’s a killer born, not made. He just wants more teens to fill his playground.



It is six months since Charlotte almost lost everything; six months since she became determined to keep her daughter, Elle, safe. Now it has become an obsession that threatens to push their already strained relationship to the brink.

These events have opened a door to a past that should have remained buried for the sake of her family.

When her world collides with the killer’s, hidden secrets are brought to the surface, and suspicions will force Charlotte to face a devastating and deadly truth; something that runs  far deeper than she could ever have imagined.