Carina/HarperCollins - 2016 cover

Carina/HarperCollins – 2016 cover


PUBLISHED BY CARINA UK – (Harlequin/HarperCollins)

eBook 24 Sept. 2015

Paperback and Audio – 6th Oct. 2016

Love M J Arlidge and Angela Marsons? Don’t miss For All Our Sins – the addictive new serial-killer Crime novel from T M E Walsh.

Years ago there was a silent witness to an act of evil. Now, a twisted killer is on the loose fuelled by revenge.

Called to the brutal murder of a priest, it is immediately clear to DCI Claire Winters that the victims death was prolonged, agonising…and motivated by a lust for revenge.

The killer has been clever, there are no clues, no leads. But Claire Winters has never let a killer remain on the streets. Looking for an answer at any cost Claire begins to get closer to the victim’s family, but what it reveals turns her murder case into something far more sinister…

When one body becomes two, and then three, Claire finds herself in a race against time to connect the dots between a host of devastating secrets, before the killer strikes again.

Love M J Arlidge and Angela Marsons? Don’t miss For All Our Sins – the first in an addictive new serial-killer thriller series from T M E Walsh.

What readers are saying about For All Our Sins

‘a nicely paced, well written and suspenseful book. I’m certainly looking forward to reading The Principle of Evil, the next book in the series.’ – Petra (Goodreads)

Cleverly written with lots of blood and gore and a maniacal murderer to satisfy any hardened serial killer crime thriller reader. I believe this is the first book in a new series and I look forward to reading more from T M E Walsh.’ – Nolene Driscoll (Goodreads)

‘I love a good gruesome crime novel and this did not disappoint.’ – Angela Oatham (Goodreads)

‘As the book races toward its conclusion, there is a shocking plot twist that many readers will not see coming.’ – Sharon (Goodreads)

2015 cover - published by Carina UK/HarperCollins

2015 cover – published by Carina UK/HarperCollins

Cover for the self-published 2013 version

Cover for the self-published 2013 version

Some Amazon Kindle reviews for the 2013 self-published version.

‘So many crime thrillers follow the same predictable pattern but this book keeps you entertained and guessing to the end. Excellent story , genuinely can’t wait for the next book. A cracking read.’

‘What a plot, exciting, didn’t see how it would pan out at all.  A well-written book, with good characters. Most enjoyable.’

‘I have read many crime novels and I thought this was fantastic, can’t believe it’s not been published. What a shocker at the end, didn’t see that coming! Have purchased the next one in the series and hope there will be many more.’

‘Absolutely amazing. It’s like a horror movie. If you were in the cinema you would be covering your eyes. The twist in the plot is well hidden, I would never have guessed the outcome. A must buy.’

‘Loved the twists & suspense…& the main characters! Would like to read more from this author..quite dark but liked that it wasn’t predictable!’

‘Excellent story telling, believable characters. Love to read more. Deserves a paperback version! Love it and will recommend to friends.’

‘Highly recommended and riveting read, look forward to many more from TME Walsh. Murder mystery and one hell of a twist!’



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