New contract – more books!


Now that everything is ‘official’, I’m pleased to announce that I have signed another contract with Carina UK, (a digital first imprint of HarperCollins) for the next three books in the DCI Claire Winters series!

Book 3, Skin Deep, is shaping up nicely and is due to be released this autumn and I intend to start book 4, The Devil’s Letters, early August. Book 5 (currently untitled) will follow in the latter part of 2017/early 2018.

Skin Deep will be available for pre-order soon, but until then, The Principle of Evil is still at 99p  until the end of May on Amazon UK in their Kindle Monthly Deal. Grab your copy and make a great saving! 😀


4 thoughts on “New contract – more books!

  1. With this contract it will work out at one book a year. When book 3 is handed to my editor, I have 7 months to write book 4, and then another 7 to write book 5. To be honest I’d find it too much to write more than one a year that’s under contract! I am still working on a novella and a standalone novel in spare time around the DCI Winters series.

  2. Your professional approach to publishing your work is paying off well now, which is good. Are you expected tp produce one book a year or can you linger longer?

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