Welcome to author of Thrillers ~ TME Walsh

Today I am a featured author over on Diana Jackson’s blog. Find out how I came to self-publish my novels, advice I had from literary agents, how I designed my covers…and whether I am anything like DCI Claire Winters!

Diana Jackson's Muse, Views and Reviews

T. M. E WALSHI would like to welcome back TME Walsh who has kindly agreed to be interviewed today.

Hello Tania, what originally inspired you to write thrillers?

It’s the genre I read and love the most, so it felt natural for me to write crime thrillers. I like writing novels that are gritty. I want to wince when someone meets a ‘sticky end’, and I want to feel unnerved. I want to be able to feel the sense of impending danger and the fear, and that’s what I try to convey in my novels. I guess I write a novel that I’d like to read.

DCI Claire Winters is a complex character. Do you like her and do you think she shares any traits with yourself?

Excellent question and one I get asked a lot. I think every author puts a little of themselves into their main characters, whether it be a…

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