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I’m a featured author on Diana Jackson’s blog, part of her Crime Week special. Thanks to Diana for featuring me. You should definitely check out Diana’s latest novel, ‘Murder, Now and Then.’

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T. M. E WALSHTME Walsh writes at the furthest end of the spectrum of crime ~ raw thriller ~ vividly descriptive ~ twists and turns to keep your turning the pages.

Tania first brought out ‘For all our Sins’ in 2009.

Tania has now released ‘For all Our Sins’ alongside her new book ‘The Principle of Evil’ on Kindle.

on kindle on kindle

on Kindle on Kindle

Here are some reviews of her debut novel ‘For all our Sins’:

Amazon Kindle reviews for the 2013 version.

“So many crime thrillers follow the same predictable pattern but this book keeps you entertained and guessing to the end. Excellent story , genuinely can’t wait for the next book. A cracking read.”
“What a plot, exciting, didn’t see how it would pan out at all.  A well-written book, with good characters. Most enjoyable.”


Reviews for the 1st edition of the novel from Amazon and Waterstones:

” This may be a first novel…

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