Things I’m often asked as a Literary Agent: Q & A session with a leading London Literary Agency

Excellent advice here, and some of it relevant to my last blog post about Discovery Day with Curtis Brown and Conville & Walsh

Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency

What kind of books are you looking for?

Question 1

In short, everything! I’m looking for all types of accessible literary and commercial fiction, crime and thrillers, young adult, children’s, and popular non-fiction. When I read a submission it’s usually very clear within the first few pages whether the voice and concept are strong enough. No matter what the genre, if I’m instantly drawn into the writing or hooked by the characters, it’s usually a good sign!

What can I do to make my submission more attractive?

What can I do to make my submission more attractive to a literary agent?

Submission letters that are professional and concise really capture my attention. I receive over 50 submissions a day by email so I simply don’t have time to read anything that’s not relevant to the book being submitted.  If I love the manuscript, I will be interested in the writer behind the work, but initially I am looking for an excellent pitch that compels me to open…

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