A new blog award and my nominations


A big thank you to Diana  for nominating me for ‘The Award Winning Blog’ ‘Has been Blessed Again’ award.

Diana started her  site ‘Selections of Reflections’  after compiling an elderly friend’s memoirs, because it didn’t fit into her other blog  which focusses on history, the English Channel Islands and events related to her Riduna Series.

Diana’s first book ‘Riduna’ was published by the same independent press as my first novel (‘For All Our Sins’ paperback in 2011) and she has been a constant source of support, not only for me, but to fellow ‘indie’ authors in general, sharing tips and giving honest feedback.

Since joining Word Press, I’ve come across some fantastic blogs by other authors and poets, both those supporting ‘indie’ authors, as well as those striving for the traditional publishing deal.

With that in mind I would like to nominate the following people for this award:

1. Laura Crean who has some lovely fantasy stories and poems worth checking out, especially if you have children.

2) Michelle Welch regularly posts very interesting topics to do with writing and she has numerous fiction available to download now. ‘The Sea Between The Worlds’ is her latest novel.

3)  Chris BJ’s blog is dedicated to her writing and photography.  She has some great images worth checking out and has had articles published in various magazines. She has shown me a lot of support, and definitely deserves a nomination.

4) Steven Fox’s blog already has an amazing following, but he is worthy of an award. Posts are not just dedicated to his writing – you’ll find a lot to interest pretty much every one.

5) Kevin Brennan has just released his novel ‘Yesterday Road’ which I hope to read soon. Kevin has been published by HarperColins in the past and has had a lot of experience of literary agents. He is now a self-published author and his blog is well worth a follow.


Here are the rules:

1. Post a link to my blog and the award/awards image or images you accept on your website.

2. Say a few things about the one (me) who gave you the award.

3. Tell us fun stuff about yourself.

4. Share the wealth with others as you see fit. How you choose to do that is entirely up to you.

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