FREE – Broken Palace is free today and tomorrow only

Broken Palace’, is FREE today and tomorrow on Amazon (Click here for and here for and other territories).

It has excerpts from, ‘For All Our Sins’, and ‘The Principle of Evil’ – The first books in the DCI Claire Winters series.

Broken Palace’ also features a cameo appearance from DCI Winters in her early years.

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Many thanks to those of you have already purchased it – it’s very much appreciated.KINDLE FINAL COVER - BROKEN PALACE

Everyone has a secret.

Sometimes the secret is innocent enough, sometimes it’s questionable. Then there are secrets that a far more sinister.

Some choose to save a loved one from any further pain. Some make the wrong choice for their own selfish reasons. Some find a ‘Broken Palace’ to hide a dark deed.

The mystery surrounding Earl Mason’s death looks likely to become another cold case for Detective Inspector Davis, but a new face is emerging in Haverbridge CID and he can be sure of one thing – once she’s on the hunt, she won’t stop.

For Jennifer, who reluctantly finds herself in the limelight, it means she must decide who she can trust.

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