When I was young I *made* my own books

Little and Large

On Monday a fellow blogger, Karen Soutar, wrote a post about a book she made as a child after having a rummage at her mum’s house.

I read that post and thought, ‘Hey, it wasn’t just me!’

It also got me thinking that when I was in my teens wondering about what I really wanted to do when I was older, I had, in fact, known all along. I wanted to be an author – I didn’t realise just how much until I hit my early twenties.

A few weeks back I was at my parents house and after a good dig around through some of my stuff that still ‘lives’ there, I found one of the books I made with an old school friend – see picture above.

It not only brought back great memories of junior school but I realised I still remembered making it – coming up with the ideas, writing it and drawing the illustrations.

‘Little and Large Adventures’ was based on me and my friend, Lewis. He was ‘Little’ (he was, erm, little . . . and I was ‘Large’, which is *ahem* self-explanatory.)

In the book, our characters would build a time machine and we planned on making more books, a whole series, with a different adventure each time – Ideas for marketing a range of books, even at this tender age!

I think we were around 9-10 years old  – I’m now 29.

I made a few books when I was around 6 or 7, but sadly they went in the bin long ago but I also found another ‘book’ from 2004. Looking back on what I was working on after I had just turned 20 was another eye opener. Rather than writing crime fiction, I was thinking of writing fantasy!

Fantasy book

I can still remember making this book, sketching and penning dark, gothic phrases and poems, and I had a working-title of ‘The Darkest Blood’, and the novel was a dark-fantasy Vampire saga, (‘Cos Vampire novels, weren’t even popular then!)

I started writing it in long-hand and it quickly became another abandoned project.

Realistically, although I love fantasy films, I don’t really read fantasy. I was experimenting with what genre suited me best, which I think can be very beneficial to an author.

Find what works for you. Read the best-sellers in your genre. Know your potential readers.

Anyway, it was great to not only reminisce, but it also served as a reminder that I always wanted to write for a living, even if I wasn’t so sure of it at the time.

Authors’ are creative people – look at all the fantastic characters we create, plots we weave and wonderful lands/places/planets we explore through our books, no matter what genre we write in.

I’ll be interested to see how many others made their own books – me and Karen can’t be the only ones 🙂

14 thoughts on “When I was young I *made* my own books

  1. This has been quite a popular post. It’s good to see there are some very creative people out there, even when we were little 🙂 And it’s never too late to aim to be a novelist if it’s something you’ve always wanted to do.

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  4. Thanks. I was one of those ‘arty’ kids at school 🙂 I came across these old books by chance. Have a rummage in your old boxes, cupboards etc. You never know, you could find them.

  5. Thanks for the like. I did make my own books when I was a kid, although I have no idea where they are now. I think your efforts came out a lot better than mine did, though!

  6. Interesting post. I don’t remember ever doing this, not do I remember anyone who did.
    You plainly put a lot of effort into it. (Given how bad my handwriting is, it’s just as well I didn’t).

  7. Fantastic! I bet lots of us did it in one form or another. Love the photos of your books. 🙂

  8. My parents still have a copy of ‘The Ugly Dinosaur’ somewhere… I rewrote and illustrated ‘The Ugly Duckling’ with dinosaurs when I was 5/6. All the herbivores were mean to him, but then he found out he was actually a baby tyrannosaurus rex… you can imagine how that one ended. Jx

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