Posting your writing online – Read an excerpt of ‘The Principle of Evil’

I have finally added an excerpt of the second DCI Claire Winters book, ‘The Principle of Evil’, up on the site . . . It’s only taken me since February!

The fact it’s taken so long probably has something to do with the fact I get so nervous showing people my work when it’s in its pre-submission form. I’m a perfectionist. I never feel my writing is the best it can ever possibly be, and that’s fine, because I know I’ll carry on trying to perfect my work with each new book.

I’m sure a lot of you will agree that posting your writing on your blog/social network site, leaves your nerves working overtime as soon as your work goes ‘live’. It sounds silly, considering many of us don’t just write for ourselves – we hope to release our work to the public, whether it is by self-publishing or submitting to an agent/publisher. Someone else is going to see our work at some point.

There comes a point when we need to take a chance, bite the bullet, and actually ‘post’ or submit our work and hope we make an impression. Preferably the right one!

Some of you may have seen a few blog posts back where I talked about cutting the word count of your novel (you can find it here if you missed it before) I’m awaiting ‘The Principle of Evil’ to come back from my proof reader before I can consider re-submitting it back to the agents who requested the complete MS originally. After such a drastic cut in the word count, I hope it all makes sense.

Writing, for many of us, is much more than just a hobby. A lot of authors I speak to have this ‘writing itch’, where we just have to write and feel guilty if we’re not bashing away at the keyboard. When we put our work out into the public domain, it can feel like you’re laying your soul bare and open to criticism.

It’s scary but sometimes you need to take the plunge and share your work, whether it be with the literary agents and publishers or those in the writing community.

I’ve mentioned before that the need for a thick skin is essential to be a writer – I hope mine’s tough enough.

You can read an excerpt from the opening pages of ‘The Principle of Evil’  here.

3 thoughts on “Posting your writing online – Read an excerpt of ‘The Principle of Evil’

  1. I agree that you can strip away what makes the writing better, losing ‘colour’ etc but in my case I think it did need doing. The pace is significantly tighter and I had to change a characters storyline and ‘role’ in the book to fit in with the trimmed word count but I think it’s improved the story by doing so.

    I guess it also depends on what type of book you’re writing. My novels are UK based police procedural/thriller, so the pace can’t suffer. There’s also no guarantee that I’ll get representation after making the advised changes, but it’s all experience.

  2. Hi TME

    I will read your extract.
    It seems to me that when you become established you will have more control of your word-count.
    Editors aren’t always right, nor are marketing people.

    Yes, a spare, lean style can be very effective, but is that the only style open to us now? Can’t we be expansive any more? Are digressions out of the question? I hope not. Not only is there nothing wrong in principle with the expansive, in the right hands it has a lot to offer. I am left with the feeling that cutting too much flesh from the bone might not be the best idea. Who wants to cuddle up with a skeleton? Not me.

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