The 1st DCI Claire Winters novel, ‘For All Our Sins’, released on Kindle today ONLY 77p ($1.20)


FOR ALL OUR SINS was originally published in February 2011 but since the rights reverted back to me, the novel has undergone a re-write, and this is the new version, released on Kindle today, a snip at only 77p! ($1.20) You can buy it here (amazon UK)  or here (Amazon US)

This novel has been a long journey, from its very first conception in 2007, to the first publication in 2011, through to the new improved version we have today, which is the one I want readers to focus on.

The second DCI Claire Winters novel, THE PRINCIPLE OF EVIL, was originally completed in 2012 and after two requests for the complete MS, the novel is currently undergoing a trim of the initial word count and an extract can be found at the end of the Kindle version of FOR ALL OUR SINS.

Those who bought the old version would still benefit from reading the new version and you don’t need a Kindle to read it on either. You can download the Kindle app for the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices via Amazon.


‘The room smelled of blood, so thick she could almost taste it.’

A butchered priest.

A thirst for revenge.

A dark secret that won’t stay buried . . .

The murdered, mutilated body of a priest is lying in his own church. It’s something that hard-headed DCI Claire Winters of Haverbridge CID hasn’t seen before.

This is a new evil.

Sent on the trail of a killer motivated by a deep-seated and long-standing rage, Claire and her team must race against time to join together the pieces of a deadly puzzle, before others become victims of the killer’s hatred.

Sometimes there’s a fine line between good and evil.

Who would be willing to cross it?

So, I really hope people enjoy it.

Good luck to everyone else who has their work coming out soon and I hope all us writers can continue to support each other.

‘Us writers’ need to stick together.’ 😀

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