Front cover – Opinions wanted please

COVER ATTEMPT 10OK fellow bloggers and followers, I need opinions please – What do you think of this front cover? The revised/improved 1st DCI Winters book might be going on Kindle while I await a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ on the 2nd book (The Principle of Evil).

Personally, I like it a lot better than the original paperback version that was released in 2011. Since the rights have reverted back to me, I have given the book a good edit and improved the story etc BUT I also knew the cover would also need a complete re-vamp . . .

So, here it is!

(Be gentle with me if you have any criticisms – this is the first cover I’ve done and it took all day! I have been staring at the PC for so long, I’ve gone cross-eyed!)

6 thoughts on “Front cover – Opinions wanted please

  1. I like it! I wonder … is there a way to make the figure shaded slightly red, to match the blood effects you’ve got going on? Not bright red, obviously, but just slightly tinged …

  2. Very spooky. Effective shadowing. Good luck with your new venture. I did the same with Riduna although I wasn’t brave enough to do the cover myself. looks just right to me:-)

  3. Thanks. I used to study art but 2007 was the last time I created anything using digital media. I haven’t really done any more since then, so this was a challenge. I’d forgot how to use most of Photoshop!

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