Another day, another edit . . . I need a ‘holiday!’



How many of you started the New Year with the intention of really getting your head down and concentrating on your writing?

I know I did and I failed miserably in January! All the excitement of Christmas totally sucked the inspiration and motivation from me and I was left thinking ‘what happened to my mojo?’

Well, the ‘mojo’ had taken a holiday, and sometimes that’s what’s needed. Try not to feel guilty if you take a small break from your writing projects (if the deadlines allow it, that is) Take a ‘holiday’ from your writing projects – you deserve some downtime.

So, we’re 13 days into February and I’m finally getting back into my stride after the aforementioned ‘holiday’. My writing ‘mojo’ is back and telling me the editing and re-drafting won’t do itself.

Yesterday was a good day – I got through 40 pages of analysing and looking at each paragraph on the page, and my inner editor (and self-critic) made sure I cut anything superfluous.

Today will be even better 🙂

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